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We have in-depth talks covering all major technologies in the Groovy ecosystem. All talks are performed by the brightest minds and core developers in their fields.

What's so GR8 about it?

A conference for developers, with core framework developers as speakers.

Focused talks

GR8Conf delivers focused content. No sales pitches, all technology, all centered around the Groovy Ecosystem.


Meet your peers, mingle with the speakers. GR8Conf is your opportunity to meet your Groovy rockstars!

Community driven

The GR8Conf conferences are non-profit, vendor independent conferences. They are all run by volunteers, who's day job are working Groovy technologies.

Two continents

Meet us in Europe and The United States.

The upcoming conferences

GR8Conf Europe

GR8Conf EU

May 27th - 29th, 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

GR8Conf US

GR8Conf US

Dates to be announced

Minneapolis, MN, USA

They make GR8Conf happen

Dedicated conference organizers make GR8Conf happen.


Søren Berg Glasius

Guillaume Laforge (Groovy lead) and I founded GR8Conf in 2009. Since then the conference has grown stronger and larger. I still organize GR8Conf Europe every year.


Shaun Jurgemeyer

Shaun has been the Co-organizer of the US conference since its inception. This involves all of the activities that go into putting on a great conference.

GR8Conf history

See the history of how GR8Conf was founded.

Feel free to contact us

Do not hesitate to drop us a couple of lines, if you need more information.